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6 Useful Tips To Stop Overindulging Your Kids

Overindulged Kids

Happiness is relative. For a 65 year old man, the ultimate moment of joy might be meeting his children after a year. A middle-aged man may associate happiness with getting a promotion at work. Thanks to media’s growing role in consumerism and commercialism, kids these days find happiness in … [Read more...]

Parent Employment Benefits; A Global View


While most of us in the states won't be shocked by the US's poor showing on this infographic, it does tend to place some perspective on what countries rank well... and why. Be sure to leave your thoughts in the comments below! … [Read more...]

LG is Getting You NCAA Game-Day Ready

LG GameDay Graphic

**Post sponsored by Lunchbox as a sponsored blogger but all opinions are our own. What do the University of Georgia, Ohio State University, University of Texas, Arizona State University, University of Michigan, University of Southern California, University of California (Berkeley), Nebraska and … [Read more...]

A Way for a Dad to ScoreBig

ScoreBig Header Photo

There are a lot of sites out there that promise to make event ticket buying easy and painless. Some of them allow you to purchase tickets for pre-determined values and others allow you to bid on the tickets that you want. For the purpose of this post, we'll be focusing on the … [Read more...]

The True Role of a Father

The Role of a Father

Depending on how you were raised and what kind of a dad you had growing up plays a big part in the kind of dad you become. But even if you did not have a great example in your own dad it does not mean that you can not learn and grow when you become a dad. Love is actually the key in being a great … [Read more...]

Looking Forward to Father’s Day

Father's Day 2014

Mother's Day is only a few days past and without implying a lack of importance, I wanted to turn towards the upcoming celebration of Fathers. We've taken a bit of a hiatus at Fatherhood Factor and it seemed best to crisan the reintroduction of our content with a focus on a day that calls for … [Read more...]

6 Ways to Help Children Have a Positive Self Image

Confident Kids

In today's media obsessed culture, it can be a challenge for parents to help their children maintain a healthy image regarding their good looks and bodies. Children are likely to absorb many questionable ideas about physical appearance from television, movies, the internet as well as their … [Read more...]

Frugal Fall Family Fun

Fall Family Fun

Fall is here, and though everyone's back to school, there's no reason that fun needs to come to an end. After all, you've still got weekends and evenings to spend together. And since fall weather is not too hot and not too cold, it's actually a better time of year than summer for some family … [Read more...]

Principals Say the Darndest Things: But Not to Your Face

Man with hand on chin

"Reader's Digest" recently interviewed principals from all parts of the country, and what they said may shock you. There are things that your child's principal wants you to know but, for one reason or another, simply can't tell you. Here are just some examples of what the principal may be thinking … [Read more...]

Kids’ Use of Mobile Phones; And Keeping Them Safe While Doing It

Kids Using Smartphones

Staying connected is the need of the hour. Be it an employee with his employer or be it children with their parents, mobile phones are given for immediate communication whenever a need arises. The reason why children are provided mobile phones by their parents is because they want to be in constant … [Read more...]